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You find yourself in the engine room of the colonial ship Nova. The crew is missing and you have 3 minutes left before the ship crashes. That's your last shot. Or is it?

Find every missing piece on the ship in order to restart the engines before it crashes. And also be aware of the time machine you have aboard the ship, it might come in handy.


- W/A/S/D to move your character.

- Mouse to look around.

- E to interact.

- Q to opt out of Menus and UI.

Good luck and stay alive!

This game is a result of 3 days of hard work and dedication and was developed as a part of the 47th ludum dare event.

If the end game video sequence doesn't trigger, you can watch it here

3D Modeling and Design:

Scripting and Game Logic:


3Minutes_Data.zip 225 MB


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