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Stepstone is a topdown gridbased puzzlegame in which you are killed after you took 66 Steps. You can use Tools to advance and open up the map.

You woke up in a cave without your memory . After you stand up you can hear a voice. It tells you that something happend to you kingdome . It tells you that something cursed you and your people and you need to stop it.

Stepstone is my first larger solo project and iam working at it currently solo.
I am not the best at art but I am trying my best to keep it consistent
If you have any tipps or suggsetions please write a comment :) Have fun


Project_StepStone.zip 69 MB

Install instructions

  • 1. Download the Stepstone.zip
  • 2. Unpack the .zip
  • 3 Doubleclick the Stepstone.exe

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